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Third Bridge in SW Detroit?

Please help spread the word and protect our neighboring community in SW Detroit! ~Gregg

Begin Fwrd...

The Detroit International Bridge Company (DIBC) is full steam ahead with plans to build a twin span next to their current Ambassador Bridge. This would make three bridges on the Detroit River. Their plan includes taking over public property, parks and streets to accomplish it. It also includes illegally accessing public dollars to butress their private project. According to Rep Tlaib, their changes in DIBC design plans are also stalling the completion of the Gateway Project, keeping construction on I75 going indefinitely, suffocating businesses of Mexicantown. There has been no cumulative impact study for three bridges on environment, health, or housing values. There has been no environmental justice study.
Below is a letter from Rep. Tlaib.

In the past Bridge Watch was successful in protecting Ste. Anne's church- the oldest parish in the US- from the bridge's truck traffic. Bridge Watch is now reconvened and will meet again this week. I urge you to attend the Coast Guard Public Hearing on Tuesday, March 17, at Earhart Middle School, 1000 Scotten St. in Detroit beginning at 6 p.m. You will have to sign up early if you want to testify. Contact if you would like to do so.
Here is a link to Coast Guard's current analysis:
please distribute widely

> Dear Neighbors,
> It is an immense pleasure to serve as your State Representative.
> Working for my constituents has been even more rewarding than I
> thought possible, and working for the community in which I grew up
> continues energizes me in powerful ways.
> Other aspects of serving as State Representative are less pleasant.
> Since taking office, I have worked with state and local workers and
> officials to voice our community's concerns about the Gateway Project
> and the Detroit International Bridge Company's (DIBC) attempts to
> steadily claim ownership of pieces of our city. Please see attached
> letter to MDOT and DIBC that list some of the proposed changes to the
> design plans by DIBC. I have voiced our community's deep distress
> from news of unneeded delays in the Gateway plaza construction. I have
> demanded that the project's final form reflect its original intent -
> to keep bridge traffic off our surface streets. And my voice - our
> voices - have been greeted with mere empathy and nods. It has become
> clear to me that there is a disturbing, growing acceptance of the
> following falsehood: The DIBC will ultimately do what it wants because
> they're patient and they have a lot of money.
> These people, however, do not live in Southwest Detroit. But you do,
> and so do I. We know, as do all our neighbors, the years of
> frustration, disappointment, anger, sadness and rage that grow from
> knowing what it is to live in the shadow of that towering monstrosity
> that we call The Bridge. We know the injustice of sharing our
> neighborhood with the worst neighbors in all of Detroit - The Detroit
> International Bridge Company. No company is above the law.
> And yes, we've spoken - in voice, in letters, in folded arms and
> shaking heads. But our message, to be heard over the surrounding
> apathy, must be coordinated, united, loud, clear and impossible to
> dismiss, and I am committed to making this a focus of my community
> work.
> I, along with several community advocates, want to resurrect Bridge
> Watch Detroit. There are a number of elected officials (that I have
> to work with everyday) that are already swayed because of political
> contributions. They turn their heads to DIBC and it must stop. We
> need actions that will bring media attention and a group that can
> effectively disseminate information quickly and take action. There
> are already two important upcoming meetings that if we can’t get
> hundreds of our residents, business and community leaders to attend,
> then shame on us.
> There will be a Coast Guard hearing on Tuesday, March 17, at Earhart
> Middle School, 1000 Scotten St. in Detroit beginning at 6 p.m. to
> discuss the approval of the permits for DIBC to build their second
> span.
> DIBC is also applying for public activity bonds to build their second
> span and they are going in front of the Michigan Strategic Fund on
> Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. at the Michigan Economic
> Development Office. 300 N Washington Square, Lansing 48913 (in Lake
> Conference Michigan Room) to request support. Sens. Basham and
> Anderson, Reps. Gonzalez, Geiss and I will be testifying against
> DIBC╩╝s pab.
> I propose our first Bridge Watch Detroit meeting take place on
> Saturday, February 28th at 10 a.m. Location TBA (I have a couple of
> folks on locations but please let me know if you have an ideal place
> to hold our first meeting.
> I look forward to working with all of you in an effort to bring
> justice to this important cause.
> Best,
> State Rep Rashida Tlaib

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