Monday, March 09, 2009

Gregg to Present at Earth Day Expo - April 18 & 19th

In addition to our work in the city with United Children and Family Head Start, we're doing some Suburban Outreach this year to celebrate Earth Day. I'll be presenting Motown to Growtown, Talking Transition in Detroit at the Earth Day Expo (, a free event in Downtown Rochester. I'm not sure of my time slot yet, stay tuned. ~G

Motown to Growtown, Talking Transition in Detroit
The Transition Movement is a proactive and creative response to the triple threat of Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Crisis through community based relocalization. Discussing the realities of these crises in a region supported by the auto industry presents us with very specific and sometimes challenging answers to tough questions about our personal livelihood. Many visionaries across the nation and world see Detroit's potential as Growtown, but how can we, as a community and individuals, begin to recreate our lives as the age of the automobile comes to a close? Gregg will share sobering facts on Peak Oil and lead an open discussion on the opportunities Transition offers.

Gregg is a Writer, Bodyworker, and Yoga Teacher dedicated to relocalization in Detroit. In 2007, he and his wife Angela decided to pursue a mindful, sustainable urban lifestyle and share their experiments with others through the Detroit Evolution Laboratory. Located in Detroit’s historic Eastern Market, “the Lab” promotes active, aware, healthy and sustainable vegan and raw food lifestyles in the city.

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