Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Moving Day!

Angela, Aya and I are moving out of the Lab today. I'd like to say that it's my yogic detachment that has fostered my almost lack of awareness of this life changing shift, but I don't think that's it. Aya's birth a month ago and the changes, opportunities and challenges he has and will bring to our blurring of business and life are settling in. I believe it is actually the love and amazement I'm feeling for both him and Angela that has served to disconnect me from the stress. I mean, it's there, but its so out shinned that it hasn't really phased me. Until I found a slight twinge of something morning.

What I woke with today must certainly be the seeds of nostalgia. Though this space is evolving to meet a greater calling and though Angela and I are very pleased with where the Lab is headed, this space is magical and we will miss sleeping under its stars. In the next two months we need to get the Lab up, humming and financially sustainable. Our success in this will help us to return to live in the space adjacent to the Lab and resume "showcasing" our lifestyle. So, our move to Midtown is temporary and we will return to merge our energy and intention with the space next door. But my idealism comes with broad gestures and inspires me to call this the end of an era.

Angela and I are so grateful to have met you all through this almost hidden location off a back alley on the south end of the Market. We set up shop here with main intention of helping others by sharing our talents and our lives. Here in the Lab we helped to connect people, foster ideas, and most importantly, began to experience the depth and breadth of living a sustainable life, a life on our own terms and expressed its benefits to others. Save a few blessed stragglers from our past, we stepped into this life, connected with established communities and found common ground with you all anew. We are truly blessed to know you!

So, it's moving day and even though I've pinned down nostalgia and gratitude we haven't begun to pack. Maybe when you don't have much this moving stuff is a little easier. I'm going to put my weight behind that thought and get on with the day. We're going to begin setting up the new Lab on Tuesday. We've a great deal to get done in a short amount of time so if you'd like to help out we'd be much obliged! We're going to be working days and evenings, message me if you'd like to come out.

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