Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Aya as Healer and Alan's Old Patterns

As it's been a steady stream here at the Lab I've been unable to sit down and properly document exactly what it is that's going on. Any extra time we wheel and deal for typically finds us snuggling in babyland. The energy this kid is kicking off seems very smooth. Angela and I have both noticed this and have taken solace in that energy when things get overwhelming in this steady stream. Aya's expanding "I am" motion has been very healing psychologically for me, as I've reconnected with aspects of my own childhood in preparation for his/her's arrival. It is incredible that, in addition to that mental healing, the energy that emanates from Aya has very similar qualities to some of the more intense Reiki and "just as vital, but less costly non-brandname" energies I've come across. But, there I am in babyland again. I'm an addict.

There ARE a few other projects going on in the Lab that should be propagated in the noosphere through this often addled Detroit-centric blogoshpere outpost.

Yesterday, Detroit Evolution Laboratory's own Alan Scheurman released his new album Old Patterns. I encourage everyone to visit Alan's site to download the album for FREE. I can't help but be biased, but Old Patterns is moving, magically charged & motivational. I'm not a music writer, so I'll probably pull a few cliches here, but I've found many touchstones in this top-shelf psychedelic release. The unanswered call of Starless's "are we all living a lie?" has haunted Angela and I in sleepless early morning hours. The uptempo Marco Polo surfaces the rabble rousing activist undercurrents that flow through Old Patterns:

Keep talking to strangers
But pick a side and fight
And if you still need more information
Just follow the buck
To your right
'Til you're right

Alan's unique vocal styling shuffles between hushed soft spoken realizations and the adventurous poignant visionary rants and ramblings witnessed in Akasha. Exploration continues throughout the tracks with time given to wandering yet somehow unifying horns and space for deep sacred meditations. I've been using the closing track Mrtasana in our yoga sessions at the Lab for the past few months during Savasana. My students and I have found it beneficial to their personal exploration during this important pause between practice and life. So, yes, I'm biased, but Old Patterns invokes a few valid new patterns in visionary folk and I encourage you all to download it for FREE from Alan's site and give it a listen. Yeah, I know this reads like an endorsement, because it is. Alan's playing live with Prussia at Cliff Bell's this Sunday and Angela and I hope to be there, so please come on by and support our new partner!

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Alison said...

Just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your blog, and your adventures in babyland! :) I get to live vicariously through your happy relationship! lol What an exciting time in your life!!!I'll definitely check out the music. Always up for finding new music!