Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gregg's 20x20 featuring the art of Alex Grey

My gratitude to everyone who came out to Pecha Kucha 2 at the DIA last night. I enjoy putting faces to names. It was a fun and valuable experiment for the Lab, and for me personally. I'm working on a full write up on the process of preparing the presentation. I want to explore it a bit, as I think it reconnected me with aberrant strands from my past, and future.

My gratitude to Alex Grey for the permission to use his very sacred art in my workshops and presentations. I never envisioned sharing these slides or my work with so many people!

My highest gratitude to Angela though, not only for inspiring me to reach higher than I ever have before, but also for her wisdom and patience as I stutter and stumble towards a some tangible understanding of those heights. Thank you my love!

Gregg's 20x20 featuring the art of Alex Grey:

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