Wednesday, October 01, 2008

World Veg Day - Puffer Gregg

This post'll be a short one as it is World Vegetarian Day and the Lab is doing an incredible lunch to celebrate. If you want to be kept abreast of upcoming special events like this please subscribe to Evolve Detroit.

The fact that it is October 1st is amazing to me. October comes as we seem to be pulling our heads out of the initial spiral that ensued after our wedding and Aya's arrival. Of course, this was a wonderful spiral, but quite altering and distracting from the tasks at hand. Fall has always served as a grounding time before winter brings on full fledged introspection. This fall sees an increase in energy, clarity and seems to have the effect of clearing out our life of weeds and superfluous growth. Aberrant aspects of our lives seem to be falling away in preparation of a brilliant spring.

If I have my bearings right this is going to make for deep work as the wheel of the year turns. Angela's energy is up, Aya is physically and energetically active, and I'm settling back into my skin after the material "puffing-up" of the ego that came to a head with the awareness of Aya.

This is going to be a great fall and winter!

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