Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Hestitant Wordsmith

Writing this week's Evolve Detroit was a bear. Sometimes it flows but sometimes, when it's blocked, it really digs its nails in and disturbs me. I've always written. 20 years of handwritten journals are tucked away here in the Lab, but I've never considered myself a writer until this year. It still seems slightly pompous to do so but so much of the Lab's business comes directly from my writing that I now feel I have credentials enough.

Though I taught English at the University of Cincinnati during Y2K, I still struggle with the technical side of writing. I'll quickly admit to that to get it out of the way. These days I do surprise myself by often writing from a paragraph and sentence structure level. Writing from that perspective used to confound me to no end and now it is a very natural part of the process. It is amazing how my training in shifting perspective (NLP & Shamanism) has seeped into every aspect of my life. Ideas with a natural process are damned appealing these days aren't they?

Really, I think that the greatest part of "becoming" a writer in my own mind has to do with finally, after 38 years in this space, finding my own voice. That, and the knowledge that people are reading what that voice has to say makes it worth the effort. I suppose that's what also gives it the weight it needs to become bearish. I care about what I publish and admit to crafting it as much as time and energy will allow. For me it is a craft rather than a flowing river. I'll even pull out my Strunk & White when in doubt.

I'm so blessed to have found Angela and to have reestablished a firm footing upon a meaningful path. True to my lineage, I've always been a seeker and with Angela I feel as though I've gained the greatest ally in my quest. She's helped me to create a life where I can experiment with words and take a couple of days to simply write. She's also given me the most sublime subject matter to work with. From her amazing work in the kitchen to her heartfelt dedication to social change in Detroit, our life together has become the greatest inspiration to write!

Thank YOU for reading and getting to know a bit more about what we are working towards.

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lupus le fou said...

Your writings have always had a touch of the magickal, dear Brother.