Sunday, October 12, 2008

Detroit's Sublime Sundays

Sundays have taken on a rather sublime, bordering on sacred, edge for me in the past year. I write about the Eastern Market church bells all the time because they really send me. It's not all angels and halos though, these mornings can be a deep philosophical jaunt that intertwines those church bells and an almost rural stillness with a beneficent skinny ragged drunk stumbling and stuttering down Service St. Maybe Sundays are when Detroit's almost pastoral agricultural energy and it's urban blight come into stark, awe inspiring contrast. Regardless of the factors, as the freighters chime in from the river, Sunday mornings here in the Lab are life affirming and vital. I adore this city.

With that written I am off to the vital work of composing the new Evolve Detroit. We hope to get it out today to share some exciting news. Plus, with Bioneers this coming week, we need to stay on task. Evolve Detroit going out early will help us to do that. Enjoy what is going to be an incredible day! The entire length of the Lab just flooded with sunlight!

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