Sunday, September 14, 2008

Key Clubs - Time Out Chicago

Dhug sent this along this morning. We hit this show with a handful of deliquents, including the chick who would become Warrior Girl. I remember a few things about this show including getting up on stage and having a rather intimate exchange with a stage monitor. Good Times.

Key clubs - Time Out Chicago

April 3, 1993 – Psychic TV plays the Psychosis Rave in Chicago

The rave scene in England never really took off in Chicago, and this might have been one of the reasons why. Well-intentioned promoters booked acid-house industrial psyche-rockers Psychic TV to headline. Hordes of sweaty Chicago kids well into their third hit of acid were exposed to a band taking the stage to the clarion call of 'You're all going to die!' backed by strobes, crushing beats, and a variety of tribal wind instruments.

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