Sunday, September 28, 2008


It is my will to hit publish on this post before I turn my attention towards anything else. It has been so incredible and busy around here lately that my writing has had to take a back seat a bit. I love writing Evolve Detroit, but need to dive into a first person narrative once in a while.

Sunday mornings are still some of my favorites, although the days blur together when you stop punching a clock and doing Monday - Friday. Today is brilliant as the fog is still thick and the church bells just went through their first round of the morning. There are 4 old churches around the Lab that ring in time on Sunday mornings. It's not something you'd expect from Detroit and we were actually surprised and so pleased to discover this the first Sunday morning we woke here.

Angela is still sleeping though she'll soon wake. I'm so very blessed. I don't know how to express these things without sounding contrived, but she is so damn impressive. Throughout my life I have been surrounded by incredible beings who have taught me many things and have served to bring aberrant and confused aspects of my world into light. I've written and said that one of my greatest boons has been that my true heroes have almost always been my closest friends. As I was somewhat surprised to discover, Angela came into my life and somehow hit with more relevance and weight than even my heroes/friends. No woman had yet been able to pull that off, let alone meet me blow for blow. From day one Angela took me to a place where I was actually left with fear that she would come back wanting to go out yet further into undiscovered dreams, thoughts and lands. Angela really is of a different level entirely and she is cut from stuff so similar to mine that it is sometimes disconcerting. I never had conceived of the possibility of meeting someone at this level.

So yeah, I'm blessed and I have to get on with our day and get back on task. Suffice to say that, Aya and I are both so honored to be with Angela. She's is just incredible and everyday my awe in her grows.

8:33 press publish...

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