Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Drishti - Sustainability

(the point of focus, where the eyes gaze)
Meditations on Yoga from Gregg

We took last week off from our lunch offerings to restructure our business plan and set practices in place that will allow for our continued success with sustainability and our movement towards being zero waste. We met with our mentors, community leaders and spent a great deal of time in meditation. In this I began to approach a more complete understanding of yoga and sustainability.

Yoga means union and with a regular practice we instinctively deepen our awareness of the connection between all things. This awareness begins slowly and is very subtle. First we make the connection between the breath and the muscular system. We can then make the connection between our practice and our attitude and stance in the world at large. These simple realizations begin to expand into all areas of our lives and can repair and enhance our ability to relate to friends, family and co-workers. We may even begin to see glimpses of our place in the universe! (Yes, I believe that yoga can change the world. It's changing mine daily!)

This knowledge of the union between all aspects of our reality, even the aberrant and downright dissonant ones, is and incredible aid in developing sustainable practices. Knowing your place in the universe and pursuing an awareness of the results of your actions is vital. Yoga inherently exudes an awareness of cycles and systems of the body. This awareness taken off the mat can allow for insight and realization of connectivity between cycles and systems and how actions can either enhance or reduce energy within them.

These thoughts will fuel our practice this week at the Lab. We will continue with an exploration of Dharma and sustainability in next week's Drishte.

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