Friday, March 16, 2007

We've Got Our Tickets!

So, now I can announce that Of Montreal are playing AGAIN! Yes, it seems that there was some sort of SNAFU with the Majestic folks and they were actually supposed to play the Theater and not the Stick. So, you now have the opportunity to catch the phenomenal show that you may have missed on Wednesday.

The Wednesday show was way over the top. These guys know exactly what their doing and they have really good taste as we walked in the door and they came to us to tell us how incredible we looked. I, of course, shaved my beard and did myself up in my best glam drag persona and gave my all to dancing and being a part of the show. I guess this participation thing stems from my past work with Crash Worship and from the mother of all dress up parties, Burning Man.

We danced like I haven't since the last Ill Measures gig on New Years and I really let go, singing every lyric and throwing pieces the christmas garland I had wrapped myself up in onto the stage and throughout the audience. Angela met me blow for blow and we taught these all ages kids the way we really do it in the D. Any rock show equals what you put into it. T-shirts and postures simply don't cut it. When you go to a show, I mean a really good show, you can either observe or become a part of the band and rock the house with them. I'm serious, we're all rock stars and the world would be a much better place if we all acted like it. Imagine! :)

The band asked us to go out with them after the show and we had a blast talking about the old Elephant Six days and the attempt to write a psychedelic song to rival The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows.

My biggest complaint: Not seeing Kevin naked. Maybe we'll catch that on Sunday! :)

We even had a blast the next day! We were so damn giddy from the show that we floated through it like a thin fog. I have to say that I love working in a place where I can say, without hesitation that "yes, in fact I do still have make up on from last night and that I used to be a professional drag model!" Every one's so open and supportive of our quirks and joyful obsessions!

Alright, I'm off to the next slice of madness I can find. Until next time, remember "physics makes us all it's bitches!"

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