Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Past Is A Grotesque Animal!

I've got to tell you folks, I've not been this excited for a rock and roll show in years. The last Flaming Lips show and the Tom Waits show got me all fired up, but this is another story all together. I know, I know, how can Tom or Wayne even be compared to Of Montreal? I'll tell you this much, I remember some of my first shows: ELO, Circle Jerks, The Cure, Van Morrison, Skinny Puppy (back in the way back days) even Crash Worship, The Polyphonic Spree, Coil, Scissor Sisters, Current 93 and the Liars (what a strange grouping), but I've not been this excited about a show like this in a LONG TIME.

I feel that Of Montreal will be, like the above, one of the stand out shows of my lifetime. I'm sorry to say that it is sold out. You might of caught tickets if you read to my infinite posts about them, but alas, if you didn't, go right now and buy Hissing Fauna You Are Not The Destroyer and you will catch a whiff of why I am almost unable to contain myself.

Angela bought us tickets a few months ago and bless her soul! If they come to your town don't miss it!

These kids are going to tear the fucking shit apart tomorrow night! Let's tear it apart, let's have some fun!

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