Friday, January 26, 2007

Chicago - Viking Youth Live TONIGHT!

Oh how I wish I could attend this. If you're in Chicago get your butt to this! VYPH and ELVIN! Wow! ~G
The Viking Youth Power Hour will be recording a LIVE show tonight at the Green Door Tavern Speak Easy in Chicago.

The Green Door Tavern is located on the South West corner of Huron and Orleans, the Speak Easy is a real, preserved Speak Easy located in the basement of the Green Door Tavern.

The doors open around 8pm, the show starts sometime around 8:30 or 9pm. But come early cuz the Green Door has some of the best Pub Grub in Chicago. No shit.

Tonight's show is on, appropriately enough, PROHIBITION! Yes, that evil tyranical effluvia coughed up from the lungs of reptilian do-gooders who want to jockey YOUR lifestyle into THEIR pocketbooks. We'll look at the social and economic issues that led up to the prohibition of Alcohol, the many wonderful traditions and pleasures that sprang forth from prohibition, and ultimately the miserable, bloody, failure that prohibition ultimately proved to be.

And, yes, for all you hemp waiving, bong-toking, patchouli humping drug fiends we will make the strenuous mental gymnastic of equating the alcohol prohibition to this modern-day-cluster-fucking-date-rape of your civil liberties that is the War on Some Drugs.

Oh yes and, in addition to us allowing you to basque in the unusually dirty bath waters of our effervescent mind's, we will also unleash upon our unsuspecting audience the rare and beautiful musical sounds of Elvin, live and without electricity. Come drink in the talent's of these geniuses before they figure out how to actually make money off your adulation!

We'll also give away a beer or two and some Viking Youth schwag to put in your locker at school.

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