Friday, December 22, 2006

One Of The Best Birthdays Ever!

Yes, it was. I spent some quality time with Xian. He brought over some great christmas lights which I want to get up on the tree this afternoon. Robocop then took me out to dinner at the Majestic. The food was OK, but I am so spoiled by the food we've been cooking up in the Lab.

We then went out to one of our fav haunts these days, which I'm not going to mention by name here as it's our little secret. But I tell you, they have the best blues open mic in the city and it draws many great musicians. So we closed out the night there listening to old blues standards!

A great birthday!

So we bring to a close the best year of my life yet. India, Burning Man, Irene's, Healthy Food, Ragnarok, Yoga, Guns, The Lab, and of course the best and most insanely wonderful friends a ne'er-do-well could ask for! Thank you all for being a part of this.

May all beings attain liberation!

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