Friday, October 20, 2006

General Updates From The Lab

I've been utterly slammed for the past week and haven't had much of a chance to post. This will serve as a catch all post. It's been a whirlwind.

First, a big thank you to everyone who came out to the Lab for our first movie night. Both movies were well received and we had a great deal of tasty veggie food. It was a great success. The next movie night will be on the 5th of November and you can guess what we'll be showing! :)

Other notables:

The week has been great due to it's diversity. I tried like crazy to get World Series tickets, but no luck. I've become obsessed with the Tigers and the positive energy the games are bringing to my city. I even had my pedicurist paint my nails orange and blue to show my support! I will be in the midst of the energy by hanging out around the ballpark the next few days.

I found out there is a kill switch on the engine of the Mazda if you take it over 120 MPH! I'm just kidding, of course! :)

D, K, X and I did target practice at the gun range and I decided to get the Glock 9mm! It holds 16 rounds and will be perfect for target practice. For budgetary reasons every other week I'll have to give up my pedicure so I can go shooting but I think it is a worthwhile trade-off. Weekly pedicures were a little too decadent anyway and based on my lack of precision at the range last week practice is mandatory! :)

Oh, there are so many other things to document but I must go teach class.

There's a great deal more to come. Life is better than it ever has been and seems to pick up everyday. I'm truly blessed.

In Love and Light,


Anonymous said...

In love and light....with a Glock?


Anonymous said...

Vegetarian to keep my body, mind and spirit in check. Glock owner to keep my government in check! :)

Yikes is right!

I've got to say there is a yoga to target shooting with a handgun. It's all about the breath.

Anonymous said...

Good luck keeping that Abrams M-1 in check with your 9mm.