Friday, September 22, 2006

New Moon, Vegan Meatballs, Laughter, Oh My!

I made vegan meatballs and a great raw tomatoes sauce last night! I swear that folks wouldn't be able to tell these were not "real" meat. God, I love to cook! I brought a bunch of these meatballs into Irene's and everyone raved about them. Tonight I'm going to cook up a batch of mung beans and rice and will get going with my fall monofast. Of course, this time I'm cutting back on the garlic and onions in the recipe so that I can be a bit more satvic.

Happy New Moon and Equinox to everyone. I've been waiting for this particular moon for the last three months.

A quote: "We have so little awe these days before the mysteries of the universe. That is why falling in love, when deep and masterful, is a powerful and revolutionary act. To be delighted is to be awakened. We have been asleep to our spiritual heritage for ages and our greatest chance of awakening lies in awakening together." ~M. Williamson


Anonymous said...

No joke on the quality of them balls with sauce, man! Let's start a poll: What should the name of this magick cookery BE?
*saucy no-meatballs?
*Gimme balls?
*veggie balls w/sauce?
*not your aver-egtable meatballs?
Come on folks!!Rock the vote!!
Feel free to add in a name if you don't see it here.

Anonymous said...

I am personally ALL about the name :
Gimme Balls! It is so commanding and fierce....roar!!!!