Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Will Always Negates Defeat

Happy moon day all!

I woke with new theories about gravity and revolution. I recently put it all together about Elvis and his hips. They single handedly destroyed the 60's revolution. Elvis was a government plant to diffuse the potential of love.

I know, he came on in the 50's, but the government brought him up on stage, wound him up and let him go to distract the teens from their god given right to overthrow. They handed those kids a pair of hips, some cocaine, and a bit of weed knowing full well what was on the horizon. Bastards!

I now blame the pelvis and gravity!


"We're the enforcers, the sorcerer's orphans, and we know why we fight"


Anonymous said...

Yeah man so true, and today it's Michael Jackson, seriously....everytime that crazy mixed up kid receives a lions share of media attention I always wonder what "the man" is up to...think back to Afghanistan....think back to the Taliban....Michael was in the news like every other day for holding his baby the wrong way on a
balcony....meanwhile other important news was lying dehydrated on the wayside. Think of it millions of fans that are swearing their loyalty to this dude, who is IMO is an icon of socialized psychosis embeded in pop consumerism bought and sold dreams of the decaying youth and the over stuffed media whores.

Yeah....that's right filthy bastards, indeed!!!!

Thanks for granting space for my ranting & raving.

Fight The Power!

Brother Infinity said...

did i mention the short i saw in Travese City? it was about The King's meeting with Tricky Dick.

Elvis sent a notice to the white house that he wanted a meeting with Nixon. The purpose? Elvis wanted to become a government agent to fight the war on drugs as he was such an iconic figure, and patriotic american. there is a song that Elvis recorded right after the meeting (which is where this photo is from). i think the song is something about getting high on life.