Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So, How Good Were The Lips?

So good that I actually threw my underwear on stage. That's NOT a silly metaphor! Well, it could be, but in this case it isn't. Really, the only bad news about the night is that I wore my orange and white caftan dress, aka The Brainpick Messiah garb, and it was destroyed by the insanity of the crowd. It was rather odd walking out onto Woodward half naked, wrapped below the waist by shreds of a soaked with sweat caftan. Good times.
The two big highlights of the show song-wise were Vein of Stars, where I wept like a baby, and the closing cover of War Pigs by Sabbath, where they flashed images of Bush and Cheney on the big screen behind them. Well, as I write this I realize that the whole show was a highlight. Of course, Do You Realize brought tears as well.

There are some youtube movies available where you can see Bucky and me in the front. I'll post those here in the next few days. They've blocked youtube here at work so I can't access them now.


owain said...

you look like willy wonka

Anonymous said...

um, that's a great compliment IMO. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep...good times getting gooder.
Love you lovely crazy sneaking children sooo much it hurts, in a good way ....of course!