Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yoga: On An Island Between Peninsulas

This afternoon, I'll be leaving for Mackinac Island. I'm teaching a 6 AM class on the porch of the Grand Hotel. It's quite a gig with all my expenses covered. It's not Hawaii, but it's a nice little getaway for a moment. I'm not sure if I'll have access to post here or not.

In other yoga news, next Wednesday I'll be teaching my last class at the Michigan Yoga Center in Northville. I'm cutting back my schedule a bit so I can focus on some projects around the house and spend more time with J9. I'm really going to miss the students at MYC. It's been about a year since I first began teaching there. It'll be a challenge not to shed a tear next week, but it's onward and upward for all of us! I've a few things up my sleeve yet and when they're revealed they'll be a bit closer to home. Northville is about an 45 - 60 min drive from my home and with these gas prices, whew!

What else? Don't forget about Satsang this Friday (8pm) at House of Yoga in Berkley. Satsang is free and the discussion this week is an open forum where you can discuss whatever you'd like with Abby and Dave. Due to my little getaway I'm not sure if I'll be in attendance but I'm going to try. The HOY Satsang has become a real inspiration for me and though it's not very yogic of me I'd just hate to miss it! :)


Ursula said...

That's fantastic. Such a paradise on earth. I'm sure you will have fun.

Anonymous said...

Where The Joyus Laughing Wake
Indeed & well said.

Enjoy! Enjoy!
Make sure to snag some fudge for yout'll soon see why people drive over 200 miles for it... don't say I didn't warn you :)!