Friday, June 02, 2006

Yoga: Live From The Grand Hotel

Well, I think I pulled this one off with style and grace. I just finished teaching a basic yet firm 45 minute class on the porch of the Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island. For 16 of the 20 people in attendance it was their first yoga experience and as you all know I LOVE that. Save the fact that it was a little cool and only 45 minutes I think that everyone enjoyed it. What a great place this is for yoga. I'm tempted to walk into the hotel and ask them if they want to hire a permanent yoga instructor! :)

Due to the cold and the apparent mindset of the attendees I decided to forsake savasana for an extended and meditative padmasana at the end of class. As we did so a horse and carriage could be heard walking from the distance, right past the porch where we sat and then off into the distance. I couldn't help but mention how incredible it was to have that type of distraction! Usually it's a lawn mower or a dog barking. You really have to go out of your way these days to be distracted from meditation by a horse and buggy! What a blessed moment!

So now I'm sitting here on the porch, drinking coffee, watching the freighters push through the straight while listening to a few choice tunes. I can think of a few things that would kick this up a notch but they're all superfluous. They say life is good, but Being is better. And yes, I'm going to copyright that and put it on a t-shirt so you've been warned! :) The top photo is what I'm looking out at right now and the other two are shots of the space we had class at this morning. Alright, I'm off to wake J9 and get some breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

John was just on the phone & he and I are in line for the t-shirts! You have been warned ;)!
Enjoy the remaining moments of car-less hope for the future!