Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yep, Sure Smells Like A Moon Day

Full Moon to be precise. The energy is that grounding yet expansive type that tastes like a combination of dirt and sweat. The Vikings arrive today and we should be in the thick of that energy soon. Riotous brotherhood and booty shakin' are afoot. J9 and me went to the midnight showing of XMEN III last night with a small bevy of freaks. I enjoyed the flick. It was well done though the hair and costuming needed some help. I also though that Storm was a bit too ordered and together. As I remember it, Storm was going through some real heavy shit as the Phoenix story line was unfolding. OK, now that I've revealed myself as a comic book geek I'll stop. Well, I'll add this, I really would have liked to see Storm with a mohawk for this one. I think that would have solidified Hale Berry as an archetype in my mind.

I woke up this morning with poetry and drool pouring from me. The poetry evaporated as it passed through my mind and now I am simply left with a wet spot on the pillow. There was verse about the detailed work that I now undertake and how I am really just a child holding onto huge crayons with fists and a tongue hanging out of my mouth to facilitate concentration. There was verse about the fact that this little terran bump on the map of existence is simply boot camp or possibly even the bunny hill. There was no mention of concepts like "if I can make it here I can make it anywhere." There was verse about love and how love is a question without an answer that is simply fun to ask again and again. There was verse that laid down knowledge with certainty and verse that dismissed all. It was beautiful and I wept for a moment when I realized that I'd be unable to write it all down as it was told to me. The tears evaporated too.

This is all I am left with, slightly more than I had before.



Anonymous said...

Love, yes.
Full moon, no.
New moon.....

Gregg Newsom said...

wow, that's what happens when you post right after waking up. I seriously thought the date was the 13th when I was entering that post. Thanks! ~G

Anonymous said...

Too Cute. Too Cute.
Fantasic-ness had by all this last weekend, great to see the smiles spread across so many faces, isn't it Gregg.

~Recovering Disco Dancing Wannabe Viking (M*).

Alyson Wilson said...

Cute metaphysical moon mistake! Love your blog. Hate you for the Hasselhoff man-kini.