Monday, February 13, 2006

Julius Richard Petri (1852-1921)

I've got to say the moon day is welcome today. Though practice was wonderful yesterday, even with rolling backwards out of Supta K, my body is still so in between. Friday I had the flu, or something a few molecules away from it, and stayed home from work. Interestingly enough, my doctor called me the same day to inquire as to how I was doing. I had some blood work done upon my return from India and he called me to inform me that my immune system would be shot for a while and to stay away from sickos. Yeah, right... not an easy thing to do while working in my corporate petri dish.

BTW, since petri dish seems to be a choice term in the past few months here's a little light: "Pe•tri /'pA-trE/, Julius Richard (1852-1921), German bacteriologist. Petri was an assistant to the eminent bacteriologist Robert Koch. In 1887 Petri introduced a vessel for growing bacteria that consists of two round rimmed plates, one serving as a cover for the other."

There, you can't say that reading my blog is a complete waste of time, it's educational!

Though I was feeling ill on Friday I kept my appointment at the Assarian Cancer Center in Novi. I observed Gigi's class as I will be subbing for her. The space is a yoga dream space. It's a circular room that is all glass windows that look out onto a lake. The floors are heated and there are fountains and large rocks jutting up towards the ceiling. Large colorful art pours down from the ceiling towards the floor as well. The fountains make the sound in the room rather questionable, but that's seriously the only down point. I'll be subbing there in the afternoon the next two Fridays and it looks like I'll be picking up some other classes there in March. If you want the details drop me an email.

Saturday was spent taking the dogs for their shots and working on the office. The beautiful yet engineering J9 put together floor to ceiling bookshelves while I was in India and we went through all our books getting them onto the shelves. It's kinda impressive to see all the books together in one place. We've a pretty nice collection. The 20th Century Occultism section sticks out like a sore thumb with the Yoga / Hindu section coming in a close second. Poor J9! Once we get the floor finished we can get the office back up and running. Though it is slow, there appears to be a continuous forward motion.

Oh yes, the next generation of my family incarnated on Friday. My cousin’s wife gave birth to Ethan Connor Olson. Would whoever is keeping track please strike another notch on the tree. My advice to Ethan is simple. No matter what they tell you try to remember that even the rough spots can be enjoyable, that the whole trip is dependent upon perspective and, most importantly, that you’re able to alter that perspective as YOU will. Yeah, that’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Sunday was a good practice as mentioned above. I had coffee with some of the other students and talked about NY and Mysore. Another one of the students is going to Mysore in July and even though I just came back I'm jealous! :) I'm very excited for her though. What a great thing to do.

I spent the afternoon with two new clients who were really enjoyable and open. I will to continue working with them as we appear to have a great deal we can learn from one another.

Last night J9 and I curled up with the pups and watched Zoolander, which still makes me laugh after seeing it 100 times. The walk-off scene just served to get me ready for the hair-off. Look out Bra, it's on! Snap!

Now, I'm back to work and still feeling like crap. It's amazing how I can feel OK and then I walk through the door of this place and I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I'm off to order a hot Thai dish imbued with the intent to burn whatever is in my system out. I swear the Thai food exorcism works. Demons be gone!

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