Saturday, February 04, 2006

Destined to wake, remember, and pine...

My practice includes a bit of dogma, I'll admit that. For the most part, I take a day of rest every Saturday and do the same on the full moon and new moon. The Saturdays off thing is probably a bit iffy in the mojo department. Sure, the body needs a rest, but I also think that the teacher needs a break as well. :) I'm behind the moon days off though, extra long pujas are performed on these days and there is a energetic reasoning that I swear I feel physically.

I write on this because here I sit typing at 8:15 AM on a Saturday morning when I should still be sound asleep. This morning my phone rang at 4:45 and my body, being as pavlovian as possible, came to and began making motions towards the mat. I eventually convinced it that it was in fact Saturday and we tried to get back to sleep but the chemicals required to get rolling in the morning had already flooded the system. It was Mohawk Mike on the other end of the line at 4:45 AM! You're gonna get yours brother! :)

I woke and started some laundry and headed to my office Downtown, where I now sit looking at the Super Bowl lights through the haze. I had to come down to get some tax forms, etc. We're doing some refinancing and I also want to get a jump on the 2005 taxes. Though I just took this trip we have managed to stay in the black and things look to be on the up and up. Oh, here's a funny little number to play with: yesterday someone told me that a cheap seat for the Super Bowl runs $2,400. My MONTH in India, with airfare, AYRI fees and the whole 11 yards, cost less than that! I'll stop here before I start venting and judging left and right.

I'll say that this morning I really miss India. I miss the smell of the soil and the sound of all the women sweeping their porches. I miss the call to prayer and the chants from the Ganesh and Krishna temples. I think that thus far I've been distracted from this by my morning practice. No practice and a hazy morning in downtown Detroit makes that which I miss stand out like a sore thumb.

There are many reasons I'm glad to be back as well. They're all still sound asleep at home though.

Oh well, time to get a move on. I've many things to catch up on today.

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