Monday, January 09, 2006

a quick late night post

I've got to head home soon, it was a busy day. I spent the evening engaged in more aimless wandering through downtown Mysore. This is a "pass time" that I'm really enjoying. I've been in just about every western bookstore in Mysore looking for a decent version of the Bhrama Sutras without luck. Every copy I find has a commentary that I either find too heady or too hippy.

I've also continued with my reading of Svoboda. There are some interesting twists on Pantanjali's 8 limbs in there.

Practice this morning was quite intense. The big news is that I managed 3 solid Urdhva Danurasanas! Really, that's not too bad for a week of practice. I don't know if I would be able to hold them for a Sharath count, but we're getting there. I also got moved up to the 6:30 am slot so now Sharath should be there through my entire practice. He's been pretty attentive to me and I think I'll get some pointers on the new asana I've "picked up" since being here.

Other things I'll just hit briefly. The Palace was very cool all lit up. The Palace Temple was even more cool. I'll try to find some time tomorrow to write on these things.

OK, off to sleep... 6:30 isn't too far off. ~G

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