Monday, January 09, 2006

Mysore Images from the Weekend

Puppy digging in an Indian Garbage "Dumpster"

Doctor's Corner, Noon on Saturday

The posh house where Liz and I are staying

Sleepy Gokulam from the other side of the Smashan (cemetary)

This little piggy was sound asleep until I pulled out my camera

An overly enthused Gregg, with C and J outside the Palace Temple

Mysore Palace - Sunday Evening

Mysore Palace Gates - Sunday Evening

Omen alert! A crow on a cow. Here we go again!


Brother Infinity said...

looks wonderful!

serenity NOW said...

WOW....another world!

Jeannine said...

I would get a rake and start cleaning up trash if I was there!
& take in all the puppies!
I could finally have the goats I have always dreamed of. Are there any geese there?