Wednesday, January 04, 2006

a note on comments, Tina's class

The last of a number of posts today.

If you are expecting a reply from your comments here please include an email address. The blogger application that I'm using doesn't do a very good job of allowing replies unless you are a fellow blogger. Actually, if you want to go back and forth on something the best way to get me is renegade dot bodywork at gmail dot com. Danke.

I just returned from a cooking class at Tina's and could hardly make it up the hill from eating so much! She taught us to make Masala Dosa, Idlis, coconut Chutney, and Sambhar. A great class and I made my first Dosa! Very tasty.

It's time to head home, get the wash off the line on the roof and figure out what the evening will hold. I may walk back down the hill and bum around for a while. I've been hitting the sack around 8 or 9. I've really needed the sleep to be prepared for morning practice.


samasthiti said...

If you go to your Blogger dashboard to change on comments tab, then the 2nd line down it asks "who can comment?" Just hit anyone...
Then go down to the bottom and hit save.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Samasthiti!

samasthiti said...

No problem!

Ashtanga Oz said...

Love hearing about your time there Gregg. It's getting me more excited about saving to get there. i'll just have to live through your blog for now :)

Brother Infinity said...

soak it up!!

suzy said...

Hey there Gregg!

Been telling Liz how hard it was to figure out where your bloggs were.

It all sounds amazing.


Dan Turner said...

Great to hear that things are going well. The 'early-birds' miss you in Royal Oak.

Jeannine said...

:) & :(