Sunday, January 29, 2006

A list with litttle explaination

If this gets posted this will probably be my last post from Mysore. The past two days have been a whirlwind of finishing off things and seeing things that I wanted to see before leaving. Of course, it has also been full of distractions from completing the above mentioned things. For posterity, things I intend to write about are:

Friday night at the Green Hotel and the turbins.

Sunrise on Chamundi Hill and being seriously attacked by a monkey in the temple. No damage save a couple of teeth sized holes in my jeans. Crazy freakin' monkey! It took the help of a 40 person crew from Karela to get him off me.

Kookhee's birthday party at Metropol and my visit to Bombay Tiffany's for her gift. Bombay Tiffany's is a grand sweet shop.

GoKart racing with Damian, Kosta, and Zoe.

Mani's very sincere appreciation of my love of going to Temple.

Going to Hookha, Mysore's only nightclub and dancing with a ton of strange women and men. I took one for the team and saved the girls from an agressive guy on the dance floor by putting myself between them. Before I knew it I was on the recieving end of this large Indian man's thrusting pelvis!

Hitching a ride home with a crazed Mysorian. Kosta, Fiona, Zoe and me cranned into the back seat of a small indian Car, going faster than anyone should in Mysore and blasting Ace of Base with all of us singing together. It certainly added a twist to my India experince.

Ok, Mani is picking me up at 6 am so I can do another sunrise at Chamundi Hill. This time I'm going to walk up the 1000 stairs before going to the temple.

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