Friday, January 27, 2006


I'll take this moment by moment as they strike me. My time here has been made brilliant by little interactions with various people. Today there were a handful of these moments that stand out.

I went to a Joytish astrologer today. I was referred to him by another friend here and I'm glad I went to this guy. Today was our initation appointment where I gave him all the info he needed to do my chart. This included my birth date, birth time and birth location. He also did a few other things. He asked me to sign my name and at his request I provided an extra passport photo so he would have a visual while doing my chart. Going to his home was a nice little excursion. The sign outside of his house reads "Astro-Homeo," which I think would have been a great super hero name. I walked into the house and 87 year old Mr. Rao walked in explaining that he was finishing something and that I could go through the items on his wall or enjoy any of the books before I was done.

To be continued....

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