Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Last post on this side of the pond

I woke up at 3 am and tried to get myself back to sleep but the mind was just going on and on with how I needed to do this and that before I left. "Do I have enough grapefruit seed extract?" "Where are the earplugs?" "Is there a place that I can get a plastic french press?" "Will a few containers of soy milk travel OK?" On and on my mind went rolling through things that don't matter in the least. I'm not taking soy milk, or a french press, those things are superfluous. Earplugs, yeah... and I know I just bought a whole container of grapefruit seed extract. Anyhow, the mind didn't let up so rather than drive J9 crazy as I tossed and turned I made my way to the computer and updated the Michigan Yoga Center website until it was time to head to practice.

I managed to loose myself and my thoughts in practice and have been riding on that clarity since. I still have a great deal to get done but for the most part I'm packed. (I cut the already minimal selection of clothes in half this morning!) Upon the advice of Matthew and Heather, I'm taking a ton of Cliff Bars so that I have an alternative to eating food from street vendors when I'm out and about. As per my standard Burning Man guidelines I'm taking a few completely self indulgent comfort items. In particular, my fave sweater, a large fluffy cotton towel and a nice selection of yogi teas. My ipod will probably turn out to be the best comfort item, but we will see. I really don't want to spend my trip listening to familiar western music. Tabla 24/7 could be a bit much though.

Good advice from Matthew about time today after practice. To sum it up, "there is no concept of time in India like we know it. 5 minutes could take 5 minutes or and hour and a half." I'm looking forward to getting to a place where time is more flexible. I've been working towards non-linear time for an eternity. :) Getting out of the West may bring a few theories through the veil so they can smack me 'round a bit.

OK, with that I'm off to finish some of the tasks that stand in the way of my departure. Time time time. Next post will probably be from Amsterdam on Thursday. ~G


Anonymous said...

we love you out here gregg. keep those eyes wide and the snack cakes near.

Brother Infinity said...

godspeed my friend. may the winds carry you safely.