Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Holy See of Wide Eyed Awe

We rolled into Mysore yesterday afternoon after a rough journey that began at 7 pm Wednesday evening. I have absolutely no words to express the awe that I feel being here. There are many details that I will write of in another post, but for the time being I will simply wish every one a wonderful new years eve.

Just one other note. We have been utterly blessed by our host Randy who took us in yesterday as we stumbled out of our taxi. He has fed us, given us tips on getting around and has assisted us in finding a posh apartment that we will move into this evening.

It is a wonderful place here, the Holy See of Wide Eyed Awe, I will call it. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you arrived safely.
I need to get info to you about silk fabric. E-mail me or J with mailing address or E-mail address.
Have a safe New Years Eve.

mstarr93 said...

Happy Arrival to Mother Land!
Glad to hear you arrived safely, you have been on my mind alot the last few days!

You have inspired me to join this site and start my own blog, reserved for Yoga,rants, and the usual Mira- like to -do's. I am standing by the vision I had regarding 2006: The year of Renewal... 6 more years!

Anyways, thank you for the lovely v-mail message you left John and I.... we are very happy all is well brother! Look forward to reading more!
Happy New Year, may it be bright and beautiful!
Give my best to Liz.