Friday, December 02, 2005

Further neti talk, the present and VACCINATIONS!

First off, thanks for all the response on yesterday's Neti Pot post.

I set the alarm for 4:45 this morning in order to give myself some extra time to "neti" before practice. I'm probably dealing with a backlog of sinus "junk" still. The pot didn't clear me out completely but certainly moved things forward. Due to this, instead of "junk" running down the back of my throat as a practiced it was coming forward and out my nose. Now this is much better that going back, but I had to keep tissues handy through the Suryas. Once I cleared out it was all good and the breath was quite full. Actually it was effortless getting a solid foundational ujjayi breath going.

Jeeze! Blogs sometimes bring out some weird tangents. I can't believe I'm writing about the movement of my mucus during yoga! Whew...

Practice was smooth. I had a few light bulb moments during jumpbacks but when I began to analyze the process I lost whatever realization I had completely. There is something to be said for being in the moment during practice. At least I'm able to achieve a present state of mind on occasion. I've been vigilant in my training with this for 15 years and I still struggle. Hence, I think that is the most difficult task we can undertake in life. When your actually doing it you have no idea that you are and when you're not doing it's usually because you're trying to.

Alright, enough dimestore yoga philosophy!

Just for posterity I here note that I got my vaccinations today. I must say that the nurse who presented the info during my consultation did a pretty good job freakin' me. Slowly and with great detail she explained all the opportunities for disease I was opening myself up to with my visit. I know it's her job and all, and that I'm going to be at a higher risk for things like Hep while in Mysore, but there was something in her attitude that turned me off. It was as though she was looking down on the people of India, as though they we're nothing but filthy and disease ridden. I mean, I think you'd be sensitive and turn down your tone of disgust when dealing with people who are traveling overseas. I could be reading into the situation though. Nonetheless, I was vaccinated for polio and hep A. I also received the first of three hep B shots and brought home a series of pills for typhoid that I'll probably begin taking next week. I think that's going to do it, although I did have her write me scripts for an anti-malarial and Ciprofloxacin for diarrhea. I'm not yet sure if I'll pick these up or not.

Enough vaccine talk, it makes me slightly nauseous.

We're going to see Aeon Flux tonight and then I'm going to work on my Best of 2005 CD.

Enjoy you day of rest tomorrow! ~G

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Anonymous said...

I am curios about the typhiod pills.....ORAL I think you made the right choice on the inoculations.....did I say I was an immunologist btw....I rarely call myself one, but I do believe in herd vaccination for many diseases....we would have to deal with many more horrendous diseases (throughout the world) without these approaches. That is not to say that it works everywhere....for so many reasons. And it is also not to say that we should all just get the shots for everything under the sun.

All the best...cheers SMN