Friday, November 11, 2005

primary series as a narrative?

Ok, returning for a moment to yesterday's post. It's Friday, my sixth day of 5:30 AM full on "balls-out" (as we used to call it) practice, and that day of rest on Saturday is looking REALLY good. I've had some of the best practice days ever this week and I am flying pretty high on them. Garbha Pindasana is a blast! I actually found it hard not to bust out laughing today as I rolled back and forth on my mat. It definitely touches upon some deep childhood memories and emotions. Then coming out of Garbha and into Kukkutasana is just such an intense shift. Kukkutasana is so strong somewhat austere after Garbha. What an excellent dynamic this transition in the series plays on. I applaud the ancients for putting this one together for us to process. Great job guys! (Ok, I'll remove the tongue from my cheek now.)

That said, I read bits of Yoga Mala everyday, but have yet to read the whole book through. It reads more like a reference for me. But I wonder if anyone here has thought about a possible narrative within the primary series? This could be mentioned somewhere in Yoga Mala, but I have yet to see it. I mean, there's the birth to death to rebirth narrative implied in most yoga sessions, but what about the Ashtanga primary in particular?

Food for thought, at least for my over indulgent literary geek mind.

We're off to the cottage this weekend to burn leaves and lay low. Due to this Liz is covering my Saturday morning 7:15 class. Have a great weekend! ~G

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