Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Moon Day Confusion - Strange Notions

This is certainly not a big deal, but I find it interesting that many yogis had a moon day yesterday, while Matthew has us off today. In my mind yesterday was in fact the new moon, hence my asking my boss for the time off to go to India. I always try to start new projects on the new moon as I find the grounding energy beneficial to the projects birth. Starting things on the full moon has traditionally been bad mojo for me.

OK, so I am still completely confounded by the whole paid Mysore "vacation." There was a moment while I was sitting in my boss's office where I felt an intense connection to him. It is hard to explain without sounding completely mad (which I am btw). I had a similar feeling of connection while going through a shamanistic ceremony a few weeks ago. It was the recognition that I am inherently a part of those around me. Yes, there is the entire energy (prana, chi, ki) play between people that we easily express as a connection, but this is something more complex and deep. Throughout the ceremony there was the knowledge that each of the participants was an aspect of an infinite entity. I resonated with these people as though they were a part of myself. I particularly felt this with our guide, the shaman. There were times that I could not convince myself that he was not in fact I. All his knowledge, even all his experience was in fact mine. As the ceremony progressed I felt that, through witnessing the shaman, I was reconnecting with an aspect of the self I had lost touch with.

Yesterday, as I sat in my boss's office and looked him in the eyes I had the notion that I was looking at myself. At one point he said to me "it may be hard for you to believe, but my path has led me right here to this place." And in my head it resonated "I am in this place to facilitate your path, your journey to India." I am just learning how to put my head around these notions, so it is hard to express here in language, but there was a moment of transcendence between us where we became two aspects of one source. In a single moment of eye contact it was as though my future self manifested before me at the top of a stairway and extended a hand down to me. I took the hand and it brought me up to the top stair and said "you want India? Here you go kid."

What a wonderful and strange world this is!

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