Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"you're going to feel lost"

OK, so Wednesdays and Fridays I attend the yoga provided by my corporation. I do this for many reasons. First, my wife goes to these classes and I like to do yoga with her. Second, Liz teaches. Third, Liz teaches short form Ashtanga. And fourth, I like to support the fact that my job offers yoga so that they will continue to do so.

Class today was a bit rough because Liz is on vacation. All I'm going to say is that the instructor began the class by telling them that if they don't know Ashtanga they're going to feel lost and that they should look around at what everyone else is doing to figure it out. Jeeze! I mean you could put some kind of positive spin on that so that people feel welcome to try the practice.

My practice (#4) was good. I had a few balancing issues and my jump throughs just weren't happening today.

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