Wednesday, June 08, 2005

To Mysore on Korean Air?

Has anyone here traveled on Korean Air before? I just got a very low fare, about $200 less than Lufthansa, but it goes from Chicago to Seoul and then Seoul to Mumbai. Seems like it'd be an extra long fight, but the $200 saved would go a long way in Mysore.

Any assistance appreciated! ~G


Anonymous said...

I haven't flown on Korean Airlines but I've flown into Mumbai. They say you either hate or love Mumbai. I hate Mumbai. Flying in to Bangalore is the ideal situation. It's a much cleaner city and a taxi ride or train away from Mysore.

Another thing you need to consider is how much the flight is from Mumbai to Bangalore. Is that already included in the fare. I also had to check in a hotel because the flight arrived late at night and my flight to Bangalore was the following morning. The airport hotels in Mumbai are expensive. I paid $60 for a room and it was a dump. You might not be saving as much as you think especially if your paying extra for the flight from Mumbai to Bangalore. I would pay extra just to fly into Bangalore.

I wrote about my Mumbai experience in my blog, "Road to Mysore". I arrived late September 2004. You might want to read it.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info. I have read through your blog many times now, picking up many pointers as I have.

Do you still plan to return to Mysore this winter?