Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sunburn and Ashtanga DO NOT Mix!

OK, so I’m feeling a bit more balanced this morning. The lack of sleep, heavy workload, and intense sun of the weekend must have taken its toll. I can honestly say that I am glad that I didn’t go to the loft on Sunday. I missed practice of course, but after this mornings practice I realized that I wouldn’t have been able to handle the pain from the sunburn. It’s been three days now and it still was quite painful whenever I raised my arms. The inversions in closing were almost too painful. I did them, but cringed all the way through.

I’ve always been a winter person and loathed summer, sun and heat. So this year I’m attempting to consciously change this and embrace the sun a bit. (Going to Burning Man last year certainly assisted with this!) I guess I got a little overzealous this weekend. One word for the remainder of the summer: sunscreen!

Practice after three days off was a bit rough but I was happy just to walk to the front of my mat and chant. Though my balance was off a bit in the Trikonasanas and Parsvakonasanas I found a really pleasant seat in the Prasaritas. I actually breathed length into my spine to the point where my head touched the mat in A, C and D. Hitting Parsvottansasana filled me with bliss and light as it always does. My first real speed bump was Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana as my knees were very dismayed that I was actually attempting these intense medial bends after three days off! I took my time and warmed them up to the idea. They were a bit more receptive in Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana and they completely gave up by the Marichyasanas. Matthew assisted me in Marichy D on the left as I was a bit tight and struggling. I moved onto finishing after 5 Navasana. I would have preferred to keep going but I need to be conscious of my time this week. There is a ton of stuff going on at the office.

One other note on practice, I noticed balancing issues throughout the practice and wonder if and how the new moon could play a part in this. I know during the full moon energy levels are up and I feel a strong line of energy flowing vertically. With that knowledge I posit that there is a lack of energy and less of a vertical link to manipulate on and near the new moon.

Alright, I’ve got to get back to the work on my desk.


lupus yonderboy said...

snort! you're sucha ham gregg...

Anonymous said...

Yep, you know me, always hamming it up. ~G