Sunday, May 22, 2005

Under the Weather

Ashtanga 27

The chant began at 8 AM and though I’m feeling a little under the weather I was still there and practicing. I moved fairly slow and had to leave a few times to blow my nose. Matthew assisted me in Padangusthasana and Padahastasana, pointing out that I need to relax my toes and energize the inside line of my legs. I went through Navasana and tried Bhujapidasana without success. I then moved onto finishing. Matthew pointed out a few things about Chakrasana – keeping the legs straight, pushing up with the hands and avoiding stress on the neck. I was feeling fairly off and very happy that tomorrow is a moon day. I’ll get back to the mat and work to Bhujapidasana with Matthew on Tuesday.

I'm feeling pretty off in general, so I am simply happy with the fact that I made it to practice today. "Practice and all is coming." ~Guruji

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