Friday, May 20, 2005

Ashtanga 26 - Led Primary

26 straight days of yoga practice (not counting Saturdays and moon days of course).

This morning was a bit rough as I had gotten into a groove in NY and now had to find my Detroit Groove again. It was also a led primary class and after Guruji's mind numbingly fast led primary it was hard to slow down to the pace of the woman who was leading the primary this morning. I forgot her name. She was very good with the descriptions of where the body weight should be and where the balancing points were in the asana.

Due to having to be at work early this morning (first day back and all) I stopped at Virabhadrasana B and went to the finishing. It was a pretty rough practice due to the whole timing issue.

I went to CPWR practice with Liz, but only went through a few asana. I am really noticing that my body likes asana done in a particular order and does not take well to deviations. It was great to see Liz and talk with her though. I like that I can come to class and simply hang in child's pose if I feel like it. I've nothing to prove at all in that class.

I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow and REALLY looking forward to Sunday's mysore at the Loft.

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