Friday, May 27, 2005

Led Primary Plus

Ashtanga 31

This mornings led primary found me back to my normal energy level. I didn't push it though, moving on to finishing after Bhujapidasana. Matthew instructed the class in the post-Marichyasanas vinyasa where you place your hand in front of your bent knee and lift up then back to chakrasana. I tried it a few times and found it to increase my ability with getting the legs through my arms. Very nice!

After practice I stuck around and spoke with a few others for a while, which is rare for me. I'm going to miss the loft Sunday and Monday. We're going up to our cottage in Caseville and though I'll do my practice there the group energy will be greatly missed. After a month there I am beginning to feel at home.

I did want to note that I messed up my toe Thursday and didn't post about it. My feet are pretty dry and I caught my toe during an attempted jump back and cracked the skin open. It's making my attempts since pretty futile. I bandaged it this morning but as soon as I began to sweat the bandage came off.

I also got a great massage last night from KD at school. My hamstrings were pretty tight and she really loosened them up a bit. Though there was still pain and a bit of tightness, they were 100 times better today. I think she was a bit rough on my left glutes though as Matsyasana was giving me a bit of grief today. KD is just phenomenal at deep massage!

I did go to CPWR yoga today because I wanted to hang with Jeannine and support Liz. I tell myself every time I go that I'm not going to practice and then end up doing the whole class anyways, but today I was good. I did a Surya and then proceeded to sit in Pasdmasana for about a half an hour focusing on my breath and bandhas. I then joined the class as they did finishing. Liz attempted to assist me in Baddha Padmasana but I was unable to get the bind. I need to work on releasing my shoulders more. I'm very pleased with the fact that I've stopped with two full classes a day. One focused class is the way to go.

I'm also very pleased that tomorrow is Saturday. I do need a rest. Between my toe and my glutes I think a day off will set me straight. I'll write my journal by hand over the next few days and transcribe it upon our return.

3 Days away from CPWR! Hell yeah!

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