Monday, May 16, 2005

Ashtanga NY - 22

Second practice with Guruji. I can already see how this week is going to blend together as I'm already having a hard time separating my practice today from my practice yesterday.

A nice coincidence was had as I laid out my mat next to a gentleman who saw my tattoo, asked if I was from Detroit and then asked if I was Gregg. It turned out to be a guy I had been emailing back and forth with about the sattvic diet for the past week, J. Just a nice coincidence. My other neighbor didn't speak other than a "good morning." He did fall out of Prasarita Padotanasana and almost took me down with him. I also foolishly followed his lead on Parsvittanasana, which was wrong in the sequence. I think his fall just threw me off. There was a bit of discontinuity for a while after that. The calming energy from yesterday's neighbor was certainly not there. This cleared up once we got to seated.

I used my new rug which assisted with the slipping but still has a chemical smell that I hope only I noticed. I had similar challenges as yesterday. Supta Kurmasana went better and I could have gotten my feet back with assistance. I had a better experience with Garba Pindasana though I still "cheated" about half way through the rolls. Kukkutasana went well. I messed up the order of Ubhaya Padangusthasana and Urdhva Mukha Paschimottasana but did them fairly well. I held Urdhva Mukha Paschimottasana through a count that lasted forever as Guruji went through the group around me making adjustments. I tried Setu this time and though I didn't make it back to my forehead I did DO it, well... almost. I managed two of the three Urdhva Dhanurasana. The second one was inspired by Sharath standing over me and motioning to me to go back up. I made it up to my head for the third but couldn't connect to my breath well enough to lift up.

My attempts at chakrasana were thwarted by the guy behind me who wasn't doing them. He sat there at the front of his mat and it's amazing that I didn't come down on top of hi, the first time. The finishing sequence felt really good today. I did want to leave many of the asana, particularly Karnapidasana and Pindasana. I also managed Sirsasana B, but could only hold it for a three count instead of a five count. I held Uttpluthi for about five long counts of Guruji's fifteen to twenty! Luckily he didn't stand on my mat today.

Today I decided to get in line and meet Guruji. Matthew was kind enough to personally introduce me to both Saraswati and Guruji. Sharath was busy with someone. Tomorrow I am going to bring my Yoga Mala for Guruji to sign.

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