Thursday, November 06, 2008

Baby Obsession!

OK, this is getting serious... I know it is as it should be and I am so thankful that it is, but I am utterly flabbergasted by my minds ability to obsess on Aya's emergence. Astoundingly, it deepens daily. Last night we heard the heartbeat for the first time and figured out the anatomy a bit. I think I know have a pretty good map of head, back, and butt. Aya's squirming around in there and shifts sides quite often, so this will be a fun new game!

Oh, I also wanted to mention that "my kids an angel and can do no wrong" thing... I get that now.

I'm going to try to keep it down a bit, but I've now witnessed the primal force that inspires it. Just recently, I've begun to share the fact that I have visions and see things. It's a great gift that I've explored since I was a child. Through this work, I've journeyed to some incredible places. I've ventured into the deep end of the pool a bit too, more so than ever with Angela and our love, but this comes from a depth unknown to me before. More Awe!

There's awe at every corner, we just need to exercise our minds and bodies so that we can begin to see it.

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