Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bioneers: Revelations on Revolutions, Race

Sunday Morning in the Lab, and you know that's going to be hard for me to give up! Bioneers is worth it though. Saturday's morning and afternoon sessions were intense and inspiring.

In the morning, after missing Malik Yakini's speaking engagements for over a year, I had the honor of hearing him share on Race, Food Security and Food Justice. One of the many things I appreciate about the Bioneers Conference is that race is placed at the table with the other vital opportunities we are blessed with these days. Malik, with the relaxed passion that comes with deep awareness, called race out as a social construct and, with food as the most fundamental aspect, revealed how racism is inherent in our current systems.

It was hard hitting and even though I've actively sought meaningful and open discussions about race for years, I was challenged by it. I actually caught myself thinking "I'm glad I'm not a part of that" and other self aggrandizing excuses to side step the moment of clarity Malik was offering. Justice does not exist for anyone until it exists for everyone. It's binary, open or closed.

I need a great deal more time to process and document this and all the other thoughts inspired by Bioneers, but it's time to get to the conference.

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