Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Support REAL Vegetarian In Detroit! Vote for the Lab or...

Now we approach this one a little tongue in cheek, but we are listed in the WDIV Best of 2008 or what they are calling the 2008 4 the Best. Of course, and this is the funny part, we're in the Best Vegetarian category along with restaurants that serve meat! This is what really got us into this in the first place! We adore and support all our vegetarian restaurants! Inn Season, Om Cafe, Udipi, The Cafe in the Innate Healing Center and Seva are all worthwhile and GREATLY appreciated in the region.

Now, we know that people are all in very different places with the transition to a vegan diet. For us it meant spending years in a vegetarian holding pattern waiting for the right moment when our bodies and minds could handle the shift. But now that we have done so, and it's almost been a solid year as vegan, we very rarely will support a restaurant that also serves meat.

It is unfortunate, but we live in a culture where we cannot always trust those who are preparing our food. During this past year we have had many experiences where the heightened connection to food that comes with veganism has caused us to stop eating out almost entirely. When you eat a clean diet you must become vigilant when it comes to trusting your food suppliers and prepairers. When it comes down to it, we do not trust that the kitchen staff will do everything that we consider necessary to make sure our food is meat or dairy free. Grills must be cleaned, utensils must be washed, all surfaces cleaned, it's a great deal of work and in the hustle of lunch or dinner is that really going to happen? In an all veg place the majority of the employees are veg and, due to this, tend to be more aware.

It's cool if you think this is a little out there as well, we cultivate and encourage extreme diligence when it comes to our diet, undoubtedly so! :)

With all of that said, we encourage you to vote for an ACTUAL vegetarian joint in WDIV's 2008 4 the Best! If you love Angela's food and want to support us as we open Detroit's first Vegan and Raw Food Cafe we'd really appreciate it. We're currently in 2nd place behind Sweet Loraine's (who serve meat) and really just want to see all veg restaurants at the top! Yes, voting does take a bit of time and you must confirm your vote through email, but it's worth it. Once you do this you can also log on and vote for other Detroit businesses. We try to show our support of the city as many ways as we can and this contest can show people that there are many advantages to living in the city!

Click to cast your vote for the Lab or any other Pure Vegetarian Restaurant!
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