Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Detroit Dream Project & Our Wedding

This project was a great blessing for us and for all the Detroit communities involved. We actually shut down the Detroit Evolution Laboratory, our business, for two weeks to assist with the build and it was soooo worth it.

I asked Angela to marry me while working on the Temple a week prior to the Temple's completion. The Summer Solstice under a brand spanking new Temple in Detroit just seemed the perfect place. Our friends decked the already incredible Temple in beautiful fabric for the ceremony. We also included a tip-toe parade around the small neighborhood block, planted a pear tree next to the Temple as part of the ceremony, and asked members of the various communities to assist with our union by connecting our rings placed at our chakra points together with ribbons.

Though storm clouds loomed through the ceremony, the rain held off until the very end. Of course, the rain then cleared for the evenings festivities.

Here are some photos from the build and the ceremony:

Temple Build

Temple Wedding Ceremony

We are so grateful to everyone who helped bring this project together. Due to the growth of our business we are unable to head to the playa this year so we are so happy we were able to bring this little slice of home, home!

In Health, Joy and Liberation,
Gregg aka Ranger Renegade

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rew said...

beautiful photos. and congrats on the wedding!