Thursday, May 29, 2008

Characteristics of Permaculture

Permaculture is one of the most holistic, integrated systems analysis and design methodologies found in the world.

* Permaculture can be applied to create productive ecosystems from the human- use standpoint or to help degraded ecosystems recover health and wildness.
* Permaculture can be applied in any ecosystem, no matter how degraded.
* Permaculture values and validates traditional knowledge and experience.
* Permaculture incorporates sustainable agriculture practices and land management techniques and strategies from around the world.
* Permaculture is a bridge between traditional cultures and emergent earth-tuned cultures.
* Permaculture promotes organic agriculture which does not use pesticides to pollute the environment.
* Permaculture aims to maximize symbiotic and synergistic relationships between site components.
* Permaculture is urban planning as well as rural land design.
* Permaculture design is site specific, client specific, and culture specific.

†Source: Pilarski, Michael (ed.) 1994. Restoration Forestry. Kivaki Press, Durango, CO. pp. 450.

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