Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Moon - Spring Urban Retreat

Ah, good morning! Gratiot is slowly waking outside and I just finished up my morning meditation. I wanted to post quickly here before I began my morning ritual of opening the Lab.

The new moon is particularly important as it serves as a great time to begin new projects and plant seeds. In yoga we experience the new moon as our center of gravity moving closer to the earth. While this isn't the best for physical practice as it can open us to injury , it is wonderful for meditation and more intellectual pursuits.

Today we are planting a few seeds. We are meeting with a local venue to settle on a date for our first Spring Urban Retreat! This will be a weekend of cooking classes, yoga, massage and meditation at a beautiful location in the heart of the city! Imagine spending the weekend with a crew of like minded people and Angela and I for the weekend! We'll be setting the date and the agenda today at well. That is a great example of a new moon activity!

OK, it's time for me to begin the morning chants, invoke angi in multiple forms, perform Ganesha puja, dedicate the day in service of Health, Joy and Liberaton and wander down the stairs to make sure that the world is still there.

I will you all the brightest of days! ~G

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