Monday, December 10, 2007

Vegan Pep Talks

Here's a reply to one of our vegan meet-up friends. I thought it'd be good to post here as these times can be a bit rough on those of us persuing health. Keep the faith! ~G

We're with you on that P. Especially this time of year, when we're returning to families, for some our childhood homes, dealing with work holiday parties and the like. I think that many of us know the hell it can be.

I dealt with a family that hid meat in my food at holiday meals! Yes, family terrorism upon my vegetarian culture!

Just yesterday we were invited to a family pizza and cheesecake party even though they are fully aware that we are now vegan. It's insane! Of course, we devised an alternative and planned to swing by Amici's to try that vegan pizza you recommended. Angela and I both snapped when we realized they were closed on Sundays. It only became worse when Strawberry Moon was closed as well.

All this struggle and frustration just to hang out and have "family time." Whew! (We ended up with carry out from La Shish btw.)

But yes, even for the two of us who are very connected to a support group and prepare vegan foods for others and teach classes, it's a struggle.

Take solace in the fact that vegans and other proponents of healthy lifestyles are true revolutionary freedom fighters. We struggle for ourselves, for the other animals that we share this space with, and for a greater evolutionary process that will succeed.

If it is hell sometimes we might as well revel in it and work towards having a damn good time!

Angela and I hope to meet more of you at a meet up soon. Until then, keep your chin up and fight the good fight!

In Health, Joy and Liberation!
~Gregg (& Angela)

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