Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Support the "Homosexual Agenda"

Let's see if we can tip the scales on this insanely homophobic survey. The AFA (American Family Association) is expecting an overwhelming majority of respondents to say that they would be 'less likely' to do business with a company if they knew it supported the "homosexual agenda" - whatever that is. So far, they are getting the results they seek! Of course, they are only sending it where they will get their expected results. Let's change the outcome by completing this ridiculous 1-question survey and sending it to everyone we know who is tired of this archaic and hateful way of thinking.

Follow the link below to take action.



donutszenmom said...

Thanks for sharing this. I filled it out and will pass it along.

Cody Pomeray said...

bad news...the link is dead..they're on to you. or maybe they're just blocking ISPs from Massachusetts?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they pulled the link about 3 hours after I posted this... I have a feeling the numbers were starting to head in a direction they were not comfortable with! :) Good deal! Check out the rest of their site if you want to see some backwards shite!