Monday, December 04, 2006


A Very Dub Viking Youth

Every so often we will be spotlighting new and promising cult members of the Viking Youth. Often these profiles will focus on Vikings who have both the chemical propensity and the internal promimse that we feel creates the kind of human who can confidently serve the front lines of this strange and timely battle we find ourselves within. Make no mistake about it we are quite choosey in who takes rank amongst our inner circle of brain damaged warriors, the risks are too great and the pleasures too strange for us to simply leave the doors of our great palace open to just anyone.

It's our hope that this Cult Member Spotlight series can help other young, aspiring children - those who might someday want to see themselves amongst this elite collection of god crushing delinquents - understand just what it takes to be a Viking and to offer them something by which to model their lives upon. Of course, we offer no gaurantee of recruitment and little hope for salvation, but friends in this time of the Great War of the Ages we must ask ourselves "What is more valuable: The prospect of salvation or the promise of a New Tomorrow?" Your answer to this question (and a nominal donation) is your first step along this dark and sordid path that may someday find you among the ranks of the Viking Youth.

This months spotlight: Bdub "The Shrub" Sangdwhich, III

Also featured in this episode is a detailed retelling of the infiltration of the Viking's grand vessel, the Ragnarok, into the Chicago Halloween parade and it's fine combustible ornament it lit this fine city aglow with. We have also included an attack against the Viking Youth by Evangelical minister the Rev. Harland Jenkins (2nd cousin once removed of the infamous Rev. Darnell Jenkins). Take heed friends, the battle is upon us.

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